LESC BHCC Selects e-ICare, a Care Coordination and Data Analytics Platform

October 31, 2018

e-ICare, an electronic integration care coordination platform, will be working with LESC BHCC to develop their Patient Care Coordination and Data Analytics Platform. An implementation plan will soon be underway with the IT expertise of LESC and its BHCC partners.

Data analytics is a critical part of the LESC BHCC mission, enabling all member organizations to exchange health-related data for their shared clients, consistent with all patient confidentiality and privacy and security laws and regulations.

The platform will help streamline client management and communication across the continuum of care featuring assessments, appointment scheduling, program enrollment, service plans, referrals, notifications and alerts.

It will also enable the LESC BHCC to perform population health analytics, track quality metrics and identify high risk clients/patients who would benefit from interventions to prevent unnecessary emergency department use and avoidable hospitalizations.