Improving Health Care for All

The Lower Eastside Service Center Behavioral Health Care Collaborative (LESC BHCC) is a network of health care organizations committed to strengthening the integration of medical and behavioral health services in New York City.

By coordinating medical and behavioral health care and partnering with community based organizations that address social determinants of health, LESC BHCC is helping thousands of New Yorkers in all five boroughs lead healthier and more productive lives.

More About Us

our history

LESC BHCC is a proud participant in the New York Behavioral Health Value Based Payment Readiness Program (BH VBP) which was launched in January 2018 to improve health care quality and outcomes for low-income New Yorkers.

Under the leadership of LESC, and with funding from the New York State Department of Health, the Office of Mental Health, and the Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services, the LESC BHCC is in the process of becoming an Independent Practice Association (IPA) which will help further its mission.

our Goals

By bringing together community-based primary health, behavioral health, health care coordination, recovery, supportive housing and social services, the LESC BHCC works to close gaps in care, improve health care quality and outcomes, and reduce avoidable use of inpatient and emergency services, which generates savings to New York’s health care delivery system.

“This funding will help to improve the integration of behavioral health and physical health care and better serve people with mental health conditions. It will allow behavioral health providers to develop the tools needed to demonstrate the quality of their services and succeed in a value based reimbursement system”

Our Strategy

Breaking down barriers to ensure a continuum of care

Agencies within the LESC BHCC work to integrate care across the entire health care system, providing comprehensive services that address the whole person, not just their individual needs.

More About Our Services

A Commitment to Excellence

BHCC partners have decades of experience providing culturally competent, high-quality health care using the most progressive and effective treatments available.


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